Comfort in Christ: Chastity

O Holy God, have mercy on me. How can I be chaste? I pray to You, my God. I pray that you will recall your Holy Son, the chaste and pure bridegroom. He lived the life that I cannot. He lived faithfully a chaste life that is impossible for me to live. Teach me, O God, to love, to be faithful, to be chaste. Teach me to look to your Son in whom I find great comfort. Extinguish the wild and lustful fire that burns within me. Comfort me when I cry out. Put to ease my restless conscience. Comfort me when it recalls shameful and sinful acts. Let me receive your holy absolution. Let me not refusing to trust in your forgiveness.

Let me go joyfully to your holy sacrament of the altar. Let me find peace in the communion of the saints. That I too cling to Christ as countless heavenly saints do. Saints who once struggled with chastity but now eternally rest in You. Let me look to your Son, whose perfect life is mine. Whose chaste life is mine. Whose pure life is mine. Whose holy life is mine. Given to me freely. Paid by His precious blood.

Help me, O God, to serve my neighbor, who truly needs my good works. And I, their’s. Let me resist temptations of the flesh. Let me resist those whom I love, but tempt me. Let me say “No” for their sake and mine. Let me say “Yes” to their request for forgiveness for their sake and mine. Let me go to Love, Himself. When I come to confess, absolve me of all my sins.

To you Father, I offer up your Holy Son, whose precious blood was poured out for my salvation. Whose precious blood I receive in Holy Communion. Becuase of His sacrifice you declare me righteous and free. May His perfect, complete, and holy life bring me comfort and peace. Let me rest in Him whose life made my forgiveness and innocence possible. O Holy Jesus, be my guide and friend as I carry on trying to live a chaste life. Lift me up when I fall. Heal my wounds when I hurt. Have mercy on me and all those around me.

Almighty God, who has given Your only Son to be unto me both a Sacrifice for sin and also an Example of godly life, give me grace that I may always most thankfully receive this His inestimable benefit and also daily endeavor ourselves to follow the blessed steps of His most holy life; through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, my Lord. AMEN.*


*Collect is public domain but is quoted from the Brotherhood Prayer Book.

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