Martyrologium Project: St. Theobald, Hermit near Vicenza

Theobald was born in Provins, France in the year 1033 A.+D. If he so desired, Theobald could have had a fairly easy life of nobility. His father was the Count of Champagne who encouraged his son to pursue a military career. However, Theobald forsook the life of nobility to follow in the way of a Christian hermit. Theobald met Walter and both went off to become hermits and pilgrims. Both Theobald and Walter traveled with other hermits to Rome and eventually the Holy Land as pilgrims. Theobald lost his dear friend, Walter, while returning home, who fell ill and died in Italy. Eventually, Theobald fell ill to a deadly sickness himself in the year of 1066 while in Italy.

Not much else is known about this saint. However, Christians can imitate his virtue of faithfulness that Theobald practiced in regard to his convictions and to his friend.

Let us thank God for this saint with a prayer:

O almighty God, who hast called us to faith in Thee, and hast compassed us about with so great a cloud of witnesses: Grant that we, encouraged by the good emaples of Thy Saints, and especially of Thy servant Theobald of Provins, may persevere in running the race that is set before us, until at length, through Thy mercy, we with them attain to Thine eternal joy; through Him who is the author and finisher of our faith, Thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Theobald of Provins



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