Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today, the Christian Church commemorates the visit of St. Mary to St. Elizabeth who were both miraculously pregnant. God opened Elizabeth’s womb while she was in old age and past childbearing in order to bring into existence, St. John the Baptizer. John would go on to prepare the way for the Virgin’s Son, Jesus. Mary went to visit Elizabeth after her miraculous conception by Holy Spirit. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit when she saw Mary and John leaped in her womb both recognizing the Mother of God and their savior. Elizabeth calls Mary blessed arching back to the Magnificat. Let us, like Elizabeth and John rejoice in God our Savior, Jesus. Let us call the Virgin blessed and worship God our Savior.

“Let us keep holiday in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Let us worship the Virgin’s Son, Christ the Lord.”

“Portal of the world’s salvation,
lo, a Virgin pure and mild,
humble-hearted, high in station,
form of beauty undefiled,
crown of earth’s anticipation,
comes the Mother-maid with child.

Here the serpent’s power subduing,
see the bush unburned by fire,
Gideon’s fleece of heaven’s imbuing,
Aaron’s rod of bright attire,
fair, and pure, and peace-ensuing,
spouse of Solomon’s desire.

Jesse’s branch received its flower,
Mother of Emmanuel,
portal sealed and mystic bower
promised by Ezekiel,
rock of Daniel’s dream, whose power
smote, and lo, the image fell!

See in flesh so great a wonder
by the power of God ordained,–
him, whose feet all worlds lay under,
in a Virgin’s womb contained;–
so on earth, her bonds to sunder,
righteousness from heaven hath rained.

Virgin sweet, with love o’erflowing,
to the hills in haste she fares;
on a kindred bestowing
blessing from the joy she bears;
waiting while with mystic showing
time the sacred birth prepares.

What fair joy o’ershone that dwelling,
called so great a guest to greet;
what her joy whose love compelling
found a rest for Mary’s feet,
when, the bliss of time foretelling,
lo, the Voice and Word did meet!

God most high, the heaven’s foundation,
ruler of eternity;
Jesus, who for man’s salvation
came in flesh to make us free;
Spirit, moving all creation,
evermore be praise to thee!”

(Hymn Mundi salus affutura. 15th century.)


Almighty God, who didst exalt the lowly Virgin Mary `by Thy grace : give us ever humble heàrts, that we may never fail of Thy grace; through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, oùr Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Hòly Ghost : ever one God, world without end. Amen.


All quotes were taken from the Brotherhood Prayer Book.



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