Heavy Lies the Cross:

Hello, my name is Doug and welcome to my blog.

This blog contains the prayers, musings, and struggles of an Evangelical Catholic (Lutheran). You will find that I mostly quote the Church Fathers and other notable theologians of the Christian Church. When I do write, it is on topics such as the Virgin Mary, celibacy, prayer, vocations, and the Book of Concord.

Below are some terms you should know.

Lectio Continua: The continual reading of Scripture.

Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio: Prayer and meditation are ways that Christians make use of God’s word. We pray and meditate on Scripture but our adversary, Satan, does not like this at all. So Satan sends us struggles our way to create doubt regarding God’s promises.

“For as soon as God’s Word takes root and grows in you, the devil will harass you, and will make a real doctor of you, and by his assaults will teach you to seek and love God’s Word.” (Martin Luther, AE 34:287)

Articles I wrote:

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